Innovatüv Idea platform: TÜV AUSTRIA implement Crowdsourcing


„Innovatüv“ is the name of the in-house innovation platform of TÜV AUSTRIA, based on our idea management solution. Nearly 400 ideas, paticipants of 30 countries and a participation quota of 50 % are the result of the first idea challenge on the platform. „It is our new innovation turbo, the idea platform enables us to link the entire TÜV AUSTRIA group through Crowdsourcing.“, innovation manager Christoph Schwald describes the advantages. „In the past we did idea workshops across all subsidiaries, but one run took so long that the networking event afterwards was occasionally already obsolete. The customer priorities and requirements had partly changed drastically in the meantime.“

Now ideas can be created, worked on, commented and evaluated everywhere and everytime. The employees are required to propose their ideas for new products or for more efficient design of processes in the company. Target of TÜV AUSTRIA: Superior increase of the innovation capability in a time of quick international expansion and fast technological progress. „We think of ourselves as technology companion“, Stefan Haas, chairman of the board of the TÜV AUSTRIA group, says. „We consequently derive solutions to support our customers with sustainable and economic fulfillment of their quality and security demands. Thus we create added value for our customers.“

 TÜV AUSTRIA group: 1300 employees, customers in 30 countries, 130 million Euros annual turnover

(Petra Mravlak)




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