European Commission Crowdfunding Workshop 2016

Brainwalking moderated by ISN

Graz, September 7, 2016. Leading experts from all 28 EU Member States plus selected further experts were invited by the European Commission to a workshop on exchanging views on the current state of crowdfunding across Europe. This pan-European flagship event with high visibility aimed at demonstrating “Crowdfunding Opportunities and Best Practices in the EU” in order to derive recommendations for all participating stakeholders, including SMEs. Within this frame, Reinhard Willfort representing the ECs’ local partner pointed out the current state of crowdfunding in Austria.

Over the rooftops of Graz, the innovation service network GmbH moderated the workshop along four key topics:

1. First steps towards learning – knowledge in crowdfunding
2. Sectoral crowdfunding: What are the domains for funding?
3. Local crowdfunding for the public benefits (citizens’ initiative)
4. Next level of the European Commission’s SME guide

The workshop built on the current SME Guide on Crowdfunding presented by Joachim Schwerin, Principal Economist in DG GROWs unit for COSME Financial Instruments and SME access to finance .
The practical guide for SMEs on crowdfunding is available in all official EU languages and explains what crowdfunding is and how to use it. Results of the workshop will inform further development of the guide, in order to  offer SMEs the best practical tips on how to access crowdfunding.

This exceptional opportunity allowed meeting Europe’s most creative crowdfunding experts the afternoon before the Crowd Dialog Europe 16. Not only the great location and a creative Brainwalking session, but mainly the active participation of all participants created a perfect atmosphere for international knowledge sharing. The European Commission reports about this event in a press release.

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