European Commission Workshop 2018: High-level Networking in Vienna


On October 17th, the day before the mainevent „Crowd Dialog Europe 2018“ took place in Vienna, the Country Patrons of all 28 EU States were invited to join the European Commission Workshop 2018 on „Alternative Finance and FinTech: Best Practices and Trends in the EU“. Each Country Patron is the representative of his or her state and was therefore able to give the other workshop participants an exclusive insight in what trends are gaining ground in their country. The innovation experts of isn created a unique workshop experience for this exclusive expert crowd.

By bringing together people not only from different countries but also from different businesses, we set up a very interesting workshop environment in the Austrian Parliament. We could enable the discussion about important future topics with diverse stakeholders, and give them the chance to network and work on common ideas. Based on our brainwalking methodology the expert crowd created a lot of ideas with in four different areas and perhaps inspired some Country Patrons for common projects.

Take a look at the hightlights of the event in the video below!









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