Eventtip #LetsCluster Conference: ISN presents the Open Innovation Toolbox

The first #LetsCluster Conference brings international businessexperts to Graz on March 26th. With topics such as “smart health”, “smart mobility”, “smart manufacturing” and “smart home” the event offers interesting insights around important future topics.

The event programme includes 20 Pitches of DeepTech start-ups, as well as interesting workshops and speeches. Amongst others, ISN innovationexperts Dr. Reinhard Willfort and Mag. Michaela Binder, MAS, will provide a workshop that introduces you to the “Open Innovation Toolbox”. We will introduce methodologies like Crowdsourcing and Service design thinking, which support the development, evaluation and dissemination of disruptive ideas.

We will also present best practice examples, which give you deep insights into the customer requirements and needs. Furthermore we will dive into the  Open Innoation toolbox as a flexible concept that can be very well apllied to every problem solving process, involving stakeholders such as employees, costumers, communities and other experts. That way we can create a “Crowdbusiness” that allows involving “co-thinkers”, who are emotionally and personally motivated and deal in truthful relationships.

Take the chance and be part of an exclusive free workshop and dive with us into the Open Innovation Toolbox!

->Conference timetable 

-> Everything about our workshop 



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